Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bear/Hibernation Storytime @ The Book Spot on 1/27/2011

I really enjoyed out Bear/Hibernation storytime this week because I LOVED the books and enjoyed singing songs with those that attended. I must apologize for being late on posting this and for forgetting to take pictures of the awesome bears that the kids made!  They were much more creative than mine!

The kids were awesome and did a good job listening. Several of the kids were playing with the letters on the magnet boards right before storytime and were building words like GUM, STOP, etc.. they did a great job making up words and overall I was very impressed!

Of course we sang out welcome song and I think it's a great way to catch the kids attention because they sit and actually look at me! :-)

We talked briefly about hibernation and how we would read our books, then sing, and then they would get to make their own bears! They especially liked that idea!

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! by Maureen Wright - In this book the wind tries to tell Mr Bear that it's time to Sleep, but he keeps hearing the wrong things and so he goes around driving a jeep, sweeping, diving deep, and climbing a mountain steep! Kept the kids attention VERY well!

Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming - Very cute story that investigates many different animals that sleep during the winter and they all tell each other that winter is here and they should hibernate/sleep.  I asked the kids which animals were mentioned in the story and spent some time discussing all the animals that sleep during the winter.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes - I think the kids were tired at this point, but I wanted to push through this wonderful story.  The pictured are very colorful because the bear in the story is sleeping and dreaming about all the other seasons.  I say, even for the kids that were half listening, it was a great story!

Honorable Mention:
Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows - I didn't get to read this story this week, but if you are looking for another book about all the different animals that Hibernate this one worked great at home with my kids.  Had good rhymes and very vivid pictures.
Songs/Rhymes (Original Authors Unknown):

The songs were a great hit this week! We also added If you are happy and you know it and Head shoulders, knees and toes to get the kids moving before our craft!

Hibernation Song - sung to "Are You Sleeping"
Bear is sleeping, bear is sleeping
In the cave, in the cave.
I wonder when he'll come out, I wonder when he'll come out
In the spring, In the spring.
Birds are flying, birds are flying
In the sky, in the sky.
I wonder when they'll come back, I wonder when they'll come back,
In the spring, in the spring.
Mr. Bear - sung to "If You're Happy And You Know It"
Mr. Bear says all he wants to do is sleep
Now that winters here and snow is very deep
He has curled up in his den
And we probably won't see him
Till the spring when all he'll want to do is eat!
A cute action poem:
Winter is cold (Hug yourself and shiver)
There is snow in the sky (Flutter fingers above your head)
The squirrel gathers nuts (Pretend to gather nuts)
And the wild geese fly (Flap arms)
The fluffy red fox (Cup hands over head to form ears)
Has his fur to keep warm (Stroke arms as if stroking fur)
The bear's in her cave (Form a cave shape with your arms)
Sleeping all through the storm (Fold hands under cheek and pretend to sleep)
Craft: Work with Circles and make a bear! :-) Sorry I didn't get a picture of some of the other kids as they were doing their craft,  but they were all awesome!

We then sang our goodbye song and we were done!  It was an awesome time!

I hope to see some of you this coming week.. This week's theme: OWLS!

Until Next time! Keep reading!
Ms. Vanessa

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